5. Team work

  • It is time to create our teams

    5 teams is created one for each topic and each topic correspond to one riddle for our escape game.

    Each team will have its page to present your results and a forum to discuss and agree on riddles.


    • Team 1 

                   ----> Riddle 1: "Windturbine". The main aim is to wire a small windturbine

    • Team 2 

                   ----> Riddle 2: "Production of electricity". The aim is to discover what is the impact of all the different power plants on the environement.

    • Team 3 

                   ----> Riddle 3: "Transport". The aim is to calculate the carbon footprint when we use different kind of transports

    • Team 4 

                  ----> Riddle 4:  "Electrical consumption in houses". The aim is to discover what is the exact consumption of some common electrical devices in houses.

    • Team 5

                 ----> Riddle 5: "EPDB: Energy Performance of Buildings directive".  The aim is to discover european directives who require rules for new buildings. This rules permit to sav