1. Ice-bre@king @ctivities

  • Students get to know each other

    Welcome to everyone.

    In the beginning of the project, let's get to know each other.

    There are 4 activities.

    First activity :

    You are going to present yourselves under the form of If I were ... I would be .....

    You have to write 4 sentences under this format on the Padlet below, you don't write your name but a number

    If I were an animal I would be ...........

    If I were a tool I would be .......

    If I were a job I would be ......

    If I were an object I would be ......

    Second activity

    You are going to illustrate your "If I were ... I would be..." with 4 photos (copyright free). You will have to do a collage with your photos to make one. You can use Photocollage or Collage Maker  or any other tools which allow a photo collage

    Then you add your photo collage on the Paddlet and you write your name on the post.

    HELP : To find a copyright free photo you go to Google "image" then you click on "tools" then on "Usage rights" and then on "Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification"

    Third activity

    You read the "If I were ... I would be ..." and look for the photocollage which corresponds to it and you write a post with your guess under the appropriate one.

    Fourth activity

    You have to tell if your partners is right or wrong in adding posts


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