• Esc@pe G@me

    Let's create all together an escape game on the theme of electricity

    OCTOBER 2017

    1. User registration (pupils)   
    2. Modification and completion of profiles by pupils 
    3. Ice breaking activites :Get to know each other

    November 2017

    1. Presenting our schools and make quizzes, games, puzzles
    2. Playing to the games, quizzes and puzzles and give one's point of view
    3. creating international teams

    December 2017

    1. Creating our logo
    2. Giving our arguments
    3. Voting for our best logos

    January 2018

    1. Choosing our themes
    2. Working in teams
    3. Brainstorming on the riddles

    February - April 2018

    1. Creating riddles
    2. Creating the games
    3. Giving one's opinions

    May 2018

    1. Testing the riddles
    2. Testing the games
    3. Creating the escape rooms
    4. Participating in EYE


    1. Saying what we think of the project
    2. Applying for the QL ( for the teachers)