3. Our internation@l teams


    We are going to create 6 international teams, tell your teacher in which team you want to work and he will register you in a team.

    Countries Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5
    Riddle Windturbine     Production of electricity Transport      Electrical consumption in houses EPDB: Energy Performance of Buildings directive

    Patrice D

    Mohamed M

    Kevin B

    Samba D

    Dureso K

    Ryan-Hatem B

    Touraba F



    Josue T


    Ali A




    Saïdou K

    Ysmail F

    Thibaut F

    Ramadan B

    Malik T

    Ryan T


    Steven O


    Daniel L

    Dawid M

    Daniel K

    Mateusz P

    Daniel M

    Grzegorz F



    -Dimitar M.


    -Jesus B




    -Juan V

    -Miguel A


    -Francisco S

    -Eddy Q

    -Ruben F

    -David D

    -Yousef A


    Riddle 1: "Windturbine". The main aim is to wire a small windturbine
    Riddle 2: "Production of electricity". The aim is to discover what is the impact of all the different power plants on the environement.
    Riddle 3: "Transport". The aim is to calculate the carbon footprint when we use different kind of transports
    Riddle 4:  "Electrical consumption in houses". The aim is to discover what is the exact consumption of some common electrical devices in houses.
    Riddle 5: "EPDB: Energy Performance of Buildings directive".  The aim is to discover european directives who require rules for new buildings. This rules permit to save energy and reduce electrical consumption.