The Turkish school (Luleburgaz) visited Italy (By Seviye Yılmaz)

  • The visit of the Turkish school (Luleburgaz) to Italy

    The Turkish school is located in the North-West of Turkey. Lüleburgaz has been one of the most popular cities of Turkey for many years and the most popular district of the eight of Kırklareli province. Its history goes to early bronze age. Its population is about 155.000. Lüleburgaz is 140 km away of Istanbul at the European side. People from all over Turkey come to Kırklareli for work as the industry grows up day by day.

    The school’s name is Ovacık Prof. Dr. Necdet Tekin Secondary School was founded in 1929. Our school is located in Ovacık village. Ovacık village is one of the thirty villages of Lüleburgaz. The school has 115 students (aged 5-13), and 13 teachers. Although it as an old school, there hasn’t been any kinds of projects before. We have started our eTwinning project this year and suggested the Italian partner (Angela) to be our sister school (ICS di Codroipo-Italian school’s name). Finally after our Ministry of Education’s permission, our principal could find a sponsor we were able to go to Italy. Four pupils, the English teacher, the principal and the sponsor went to Codroipo on 25th May and stayed there until the 29th May.

    This was the best trip and the first in abroad the pupils could ever experienced. They were 2 girls and 2 boys and stayed together at two different houses. The families were so kind, so thoughtful that the pupils didn’t want to come back to Turkey


    The Schedule of the trip:

    25th May: At 10 pm we met with the teacher Angela and the families at the Codroipo train station, the pupils went with the families and we went to the hotel.

    26th May: We walked around the school and took part in the graduation ceremony at school first, afterwards went to Venice in the afternoon, Angela was with us.

    27th May: We went to Trieste with the Italian and Turkish pupils. Angela and other Maths teacher Giuliana were our guides.

    28th May: We spent the whole day at school, they introduced the school and the garden again. The students went into the Maths, English, Music and Science classes. They played some games and tried to know each other and both of the cultures as well. In the afternoon we went to Villa Manin with the Italian and Turkish pupils and some of the families came with us, too.

    29th May: We took the road to Marco Polo Airport to come back to İstanbul


    As for me; this was my first trip to Italy and as far as I see and observe: the Italian and the Turkish cultures have many common points. For instance, the Italian coffee’s taste and coffee cups are similar to ours only their amount is less. The physical appearances were almost the same. The Italian use the Turkish style of toilet for being healthier. And for the educational part, most of the applications are nearly the same apart from the school building. They have a much bigger and functional school. I mean the garden, the sports hall, the corridors, the reception of the school are different from ours.

    The Principal and the pupils would like to do such kind of a project next year and the following years as well.