EmOTE - Exploring Our Talents togEther

The project will contain a variety of collaborative activities: - Create profiles on Twinspace. - Organize Logo and Mascot contests. - Send Christmas cards to each other. - Set up introductory interactive lessons of partners’ languages. - Use a variety of Web & Web 2.0 tools in language activities. - Organize dancing and singing peer teaching l...

Project Journal

  • Today we danced Italian & Turkish
    - Posted by Panagiotis Georgalas, 17.03.2018

  • It is a sort of the French Polka Piquet. It is also known as Cake Polka, Pat-a-cake Polka, Pattycake Polka.
    It is very popular in the south of Italy, particularly around Trasimeno Lake.


    Tacco e punta, tacco e punta,
    destra destra destra destra.
    Tacco e punta, tacco e punta
    sinistra sinistra sinistra tà.
    Batti qua, batti là,
    batti su, batti giù.
    Uno due tre e quattro,
    cambia la tua dama e poi…

    - Posted by Angela Dessy, 13.03.2018

  • Here we are at last!!!! Four girls have been allowed to skip the technology lesson today so now tyhey are rehearsing and we are soon going to post the video.
    - Posted by Angela Dessy, 13.03.2018

  • Polish pupils took part in GROUP debate :)
    - Posted by Małgorzata Łaska, 12.03.2018

  • We performed Silifke dance
    - Posted by Panagiotis Georgalas, 10.03.2018