Project outline

  • Project title: EmOTE - Exploring Our Talents togEther

    School year: 2017-2018

    Aim: To motivate the pupils to develop their talents through collaborative activities

    Participating schools:

    • 5th Gymnasium of Iraklio Attikis, Greece
    • Silifke Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi, Turkey
    • Ovacık Prof. Dr. Necdet Tekin İlk/Ortaokulu, Lüleburgaz Turkey
    • Szkola Podstawowa Nr 114 im. Jedrzeja Cierniaka w Warszawie, Poland
    • Radviliskio Vinco Kudirkos pagrindine mokykla, Lithuania
    • Roncalli Mavo, Rotterdam Holland
    • ICS di Codroipo, Codroipo (UD), Italy
    • Bjornevatn skole, Bjornevatn, Norway


    Project plan:

    • September 2017: Brainstorming and discussions among the partners to clarify certain issues of the project. Create pupils’ profiles on Twinspace
    • October 2017: First activities. Create local language dialogues
    • November 2017: Logo & Mascot contest
    • December 2017: Practice the dialogues and create videos in partners’ languages. Send cards to each other
    • January 2028: eDebate & Comics activities
    • February 2018: Common lessons with robotics & App development  activities
    • March 2018: Create an Augmented reality application together for learning Enlgish.
    • April-May 2018: Learning each other’s culture through live dancing and singing lessons.
    • June 2018 Revision of the project through Kahoot games and Online surveys.
    • The pupils will work in teams. There will be an effort to create mixed teams from different countries. The pupils will participate in every phase of the project.