Research results

  • ℹ️Two questionnaires have been carried out during Born to Read project. One was done before ER program and the other one was completed after ER program. There were two groups of students - students who participated in the project and a control group which included the learners who have not participated in ER program. The majority of students were aged 11-14 years. Students represent 6 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and Spain 🇱🇻🇪🇸🇱🇹🇮🇹🇧🇬🇭🇺. 👉44% of ER program students stated that they have started reading in English within the launch of ER program, that is within last 3 years.

    ✅ ER program students show scientifically better results, they have doubled almost 🆒all their reading indicators in comparison with the students who have not participated in the ER program, and the project.

    ✅ More than 70% of ER program students enjoy reading and often read books🆒, however students who haven’t participated in the program enjoy reading books much less (43%) and less than a half of them reads books often (46%).

    ✅30% of students from ER program have read 👉more than 10 books, whereas this indicator for control group students is more than twice lower (13%).

    ✅Almost 70% of ER program students like reading in English, but the students who have not participated in the ER program like reading twice less (35%).

    ✅It’s interesting to highlight that students who have participated in the project 👉read more on their daily basis and have also read more English books than the ones who have not taken part in it.

    ✅Taking into account their autonomy when choosing a book, we cannot appreciate a high difference between the results of both groups, since the majority (almost 65%) chooses the book by themselves.

    ✅In relation to the use of e-books, we can state a slight difference, since the students participating in the project read more e-books than the ones who have not been involved in it.

    ✅Finally, after taking into account the questionnaires results and also students experience, we can state that it has been a great change since the launch of the project and program, as students 👉have improved their reading indicators almost twice🆒.

    Of course, we cannot take for granted that the teachers do not have more work to deal with. The teachers have to continue working hard to maintain students’ motivation and willingness to read by means of creating innovative reading activities, digital ER materials, and motivating them to continue reading. 👉The students have indicated that they feel more self-confident, more positive and cleverer, as well that reading helps them to improve their memory, English skills, school marks, concentration, general knowledge, imagination and motivation for studies. It proves that students realize the benefits of ER program🆒.

    ✅The rewarding news for teachers involved in the program is that more than 80% of students claim that they will continue reading in English even after the ER program is over.