Audio Book (collection of short stories)

  • Here you can find the book and the audiobook realized by pupils during the Learning Activities in Torino.

    The plot of the stories is made up using the national elements of our countries. 

    Our idea was to work on a melting-pot writing activities coming from mixing our unique local tradition, or some fantastic novel, or some incredible story you read somewhere.  

    The target is to have a multilingual illustrated audiobook using everything you will bring with you to Torino.

    To work on this book we needed to choose the elements we want. The results are the following:

    - a landscape - Bulgaria

    - a hero - Italy

    - an anti-hero - Spain

    - a building - Hungary

    - a hero helper - Lithuania

    - a magic tool - Latvia.

    Students worked in international groups. Each groups has made up one story in which were mentioned all elements of oir countries, for instance, latvian magins signs helped a Lithaunian hero helper Matas to conquer the Hungarian building - the Parliament. Each group made also illustrations for their stories and recorded audio versions of them.

    The book is in ePub ver. 3.0