Latvian sandwich story

  • Blintze

    By Tuvia Bolton

    One 1) auksts winter day in Chicago a poor Jewish man was slowly walking 2) mājās from the factory when he passed by a fancy, expensive restaurant. He stopped before the huge glass window and gazed for several minutes at the rich people sitting in the plush warm room talking and 3) smejas while eating delicious 4) siera blintzes, completely oblivious of him as though they were on another, higher plane of existence.

    "Blintzes," he muttered to himself as he turned and continued 5) mājās.

    "Sarah," he announced to his 6) sieva as he closed the door behind him and threw his coat over a 7) krēsls, "Sarah, I've been thinking, do you think you could make me blintzes? I would really like some 8) pankūkas."

    "Of course Max," she 9) atbildēja. "I'll try my best."

    Sarah 10) paņema out her old cookbook and 11) atvera it up to "Blintzes". "Aha!" She happily exclaimed. "Here they are…12) pankūkas!"

    Two cups of 13) milti  a cup of water... "Oh, look here, Max, it says we need cream cheese. We don't have cream cheese," she said 14) skumji. "Listen Sarah, you know what? Forget the cheese," consoled Max..

    "Look here" she called out again. "It says we need walnuts, 15) medus and raisins!" "Forget that stuff, too," he advised. "Oh you are such a good husband Max! But, what's this? What about cinnamon and brown sugar," she read out from the 16) grāmata. "Not necessary!" he decreed. "Just please start baking already, Sarah, I'm really hungry."

    So she ceremoniously lit the oven, mixed the flour and 17) ūdens, rolled it into cigar shapes put them in to bake and in just 18) minūtes there they were, sitting on a plate before a very happy Max, napkin tucked into his collar.

    His 19) nazis and fork immediately went to work and within seconds he was actually doing it! He was 20) ēda blintzes just like the rich guys in their fancy restaurant.

    Sarah watched him proudly as he slowly swallowed. After several seconds of complete silence, she couldn't resist. "Nu, what do you think? Do you 21) patīk it?"

    "You know, Sarah," said Max. "You know, I don't understand what those 22) bagāti people see in blintzes."