Italian Sandwich story

  • The protagonist of this stpory is a brilliant, kind and little girl who loves reading a lot of [1] LIBRI.

    Everyday she goes to the public library in order to take a new one. She is very young but she knows a lot of things because she is [2] CURIOSA, she is always looking for something new that she doesn't know yet.

    Her parents are not good to her. They think that their daughter is very strange and they cant imagine how special and precious she really is.

    Miss Honey, her gentle teacher, is astonished by her unusual precocity and her intellectual abilities. She tries to speak to her pupils [3] GENITORI about how clever the little girl is but they dont want to listen to her at all.

    All the students of the school are ill-treated by the headmistress, the tyrannical Miss AgathaTrunchbull. The cruel woman, in fact, terrorizes her pupils with harsh punishment.

    One day, Miss Trunchbull goes into the [4] CLASSE to examine a student and, when she notices that he is not sure about the answer, she starts to flout him. The little girl, who hates this situation and wants to help her [5] COMPAGNO, just with her brain power, pours a glass of water over on Miss Trunchbulls head.

    That afternoon, the little girl goes to Miss Honeys house and reveals her power. The sweet teacher confides her that when she was very young, after her dads death, her perfidious aunt, Miss Trunchbull, stole her house. The little girl decides to [6] AIUTARE, to do something for her kind and gentle teacher.

    Some days later, the headmaster goes into the classroom to [7] INTERROGARE again a student again. When the poor one doesnt know how to answer, she pulls one of his ears in a violent way. So the little girl uses her brain power and a white GESSO starts writing on the blackboard: AGATHA, IM MAGNUS, GIVE BACK THE HOUSE TO MY SWEET DAUGHTER. Miss Trunchbull is so scared that she faints.

    After that day nobody knows where the [8] CRUDELE, bad headmistress is and Miss Honey gets her [9] CASA back.




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