Communication and collaboration skills outside the classroom

  • In the middle of September students of the grades 7 and 8 were able to demonstrate their communication and collaboration skills by participating in various activities that develop physical and emotional skills. The lesson took place in Lejasciems parish, and it was headed by Dailis Kadils.

    During working in teams, students had to fulfill the tasks of various complexity levels: to overcome obstacles on land and in the water, to find hidden objects in the forest,, to explain how to survive without food in the forest. The main emphasis was not on the physical fitness of the students, but on the ability to cooperate in a calm atmosphere, to find the most rational solution, to listen to each other, to evaluate their abilities and evaluate other skills.

    After completing the tasks, participants had to make a campfire and prepare their own lunch. The soup cooked on the campfire and baked pancakes  tasted well.

    We walked together 8 kilometers and visited Ķemeri sulfur spring, Lejasciems observation tower and Gauja and Tirzas seacoast.