Family relations. Father's day in Latvia.

  •  Stāķi Primary School has a nice tradition - celebrating the Father's Day on the second Sunday of September, because the dad plays a special role in each family, and the time spent with the children is invaluable.

    Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, the Stāķu Park was visited by Stāķi Primary School students, their parents and siblings who participated with great enthusiasm in the sports activities organized by students from the 7th and 8th grade. Everyone was able to test their ability  walking along the rope and walking with brushes, weighing apples, throwing balls at the target.

    The family showed their solidarity in a relay. Visitors were able to work in creative workshops, making a nice tie for fathers and autumn decors with lovely worms.

    While all the visitors were busy with activities, a tasty soup was cooked on the campfire. At the end of the event, the most cohesive families received a gift card at the cafe "Kantes krogs", which will be a nice opportunity to spend their time together. The most successful and sporting participants got various sweet awards.