A show "Dice game of thoughts"

  • On February 14 there was a show "Dice game of thoughts"  in Stāķi Primary school.

    In January there were chosen phrases from the lyrics of Latvian poet and songwriter Guntars Račs about thoughts, expressing thoughts, critical thinking ect. Every class collective, teachers and parents drew lots with one phrase. The task was to make a performance about this phrase. 

    Costumes were sewn, music was selected and combined, dance steps were learned, videos were filmed. All participants were active involved in the preparation process.

    The show was colourful and positive. A lot of parents. previous school leavers arrived to watch the performances.

    Every group got a nice present financed from the project budget. Some students wil go to the pizzeria, someone will spent time in horse farm, someone will go on a hiking tour. It will be nice time spent together with classmates.