Cooperation game from Latvia

  • Create a square where each side is 11 meters long (the side's lenght can be variable).

    The participants are divided into teams of four participants in each (minimum two teams).

    A target (a bowl with balls) is placed in the middle of the square.

    You have to form a chain to get to your target:

    - stand behind each other;

    - get off on all fours;

    - the first participant puts his feet on the second's sholders;

    - the second does the same;

    - the third does the same;

    - the fourth participant may remain on the ground with both hands and feet, but shall not cross the line;

    - if the chain breaks, it must be rebuilt.

    In this position (in a chain), the team must move forward to achieve the target.

    The team first to reach the target must give the bowl with the balls to the fourth player.

    The team, that delivered the bowl without breaking the chain, is the winner.