Outdoor activities in Latvia

  • On May 29 started 2 active project  days, which are related to the topic "Peer Relations".
    All students, class teachers and a sports went to the Disco Golf Park "Stari", which is located near the Star Motocross in Dauksti parish. The youngest students learnt the basics of the game. The pupils of the senior classes held a competition among themselves, who will throw the disc into the basket with as little slamming. We finished this day in Staki Park, enjoying  picknick.

    On May 30 there was a sport and erudition event "We Love Beloved!".

    The students of 8th grage chose their teammates- students from different grades . Each team had to attend 8 "stations", in which, in fulfilling various tasks, students improved their ability to communicate, collaborate, and develope practical skills.

    In the activity of the "Hands-legs" team had to be created a figure with a certain number of hands and feet on the ground.

    In the "Slackline" activity, the team had to move over a moving ribbon linked between two trees.

    One  student of the team  placed the system and a helmet ,attached to the rope on the "Impossible Mission" station . Four other members of the team grasped the "rope" connected by the "chair" and, cooperating with each other, purposefully dragged the ropes so that the sitting person would be able to take the objects on the ground.

    In the game "Cricket" the team had to move its ball through the gates with as little hammer blows as possible.

    In the "Healthy Way of Movement" activity one  person was sitting in the weelbarrow, the second one was pushing it. The task was to take the object on the chair with a long stick.

    In the "Ball Roll" activity using teamwork students rolled the ball through the pipes delivering it from point A to point B.

    In the "Hit the target" station, leaflets with numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 were attached to the folding stairs. All the team members had to shoot the balls through the stages and get as many points as possible.

    In the activity "Bridge" the team split into 2 groups. On the ground there was a narrow gymnasium bench - " a bridge". Each group stood at the end of the gymnastics bench. Both groups simultaneously started moving along the "bridge" opposite each other. Each member of the group had to exchange with a member of the other group on a narrow "bridge". If someone broke the "bridge" boundaries, both groups started the race again.

    At the end of the event, each team drew the "Road signs for friendship" placed on the inner yard of the school.

    The teams received colored ribbons for every accomplished task, which was tied to the tree of success. Students received Skriveri candies for successful co-operation and creativity.