Social campaign - Donja Voća Team

  • We made educational materials in our social campaign so that people can learn about importance of amphibians and how to protect them.

    1. Educational calendar about protecting amphibians. It is made in Croatian and English language for every participant in our project. It has a very important message: Together we are stronger in protecting the nature and its biodiversity. 

    2. Educational poster and board about the amphibians. The top part of poster is about the amphibians in general and the bottom part is about our project. 


    3. Power-point presentation about activities in our project. 

    4. Designing and making wooden boards in the shape of frogs and a salamander with the rhymes and putting the boards on the trees near the stream

    5. A song and choreography about amphibians in English and Croatian language and creating and performing a dance choreography.


    6. Educating students about the causes of endangerment and the importance of preserving amphibians through PowerPoint presentations

    7. Sharing experiences with the partner school through videoconferences and shared websites