Rendez-vous with amphibian

The project aims to: examine natural diveristy amphibian neighborhood school and its documentation, issuing leaflets and / or poster / or film dedicated to the amphibians and protect them, and to conduct campaign on amphibians in the local environment. Students will work with information technology and traditional key to species. Students learn not...

Project Journal

  • Today during the classes we met the first toad after the winter period! We moved it from the pavement close to our pond :)
    Rendez-vous&spring! :)

    rendez vous.jpg

    - Posted by Tomasz Ordza, 13.03.2018

  • Thanks to our colleagues from Croatia for great calendars!
    We, in turn, inspire our community with the paws of frogs that we have already seen, but also now the newsletter hung right at the entrance to the school. We are full of energy for further joint activities! :)



    - Posted by Tomasz Ordza, 05.03.2018

  • Hello :) Here are some photos of materials from our social campaign. We made an educational poster about the amphibians, the top part is about the amphibians in general and the bottom part is about our project. We also made calendars with amphibian theme for every participant in out project. We had a lot of fun so enjoy :)

    Educational calendar.jpg

    Educational poster.jpg

    Educational poster1.jpg

    - Posted by Mateja Smiljanec, 27.02.2018

  • Winter has come! We made a winter frog. Besides, it's the time of the carnival! :)



    - Posted by Tomasz Ordza, 29.01.2018

  • The postman brought a surprise!
    Thank you for angels and a beautiful Christmas card!
    Have a great holiday! We go to school from today :)



    - Posted by Tomasz Ordza, 03.01.2018