Let's get to know each other - Dąbrówka Team

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    Dąbrówka Team and our new, invented species of amphibians.

    Briefly about us :)


    My name is Antosia. I'm 12 years old. My passion is dance.

    My hobby is drawing, reading and biology. I like taking photos of everythink but I don't like take photos of myself.


    I'm ELIASZ. I’m 10 years old. I live in Dąbrówka.

     I have a sister and a brother. My brother is 2 years old and my sister

    is 8 years old. I have a wonderful family and my favorite pet cat Inka.

    My friend is Janek Rogal. I like to do tattoos on my hands the most.

    I'm very happy that I take part in the project and I will meet you!

    It will certainly be nice to work with you.

    See you later.


    My name is Oliwier. I’m  eleven years old.        

    I like to build with lego. I wish in the future  to be an architect.

    I eat healthily,I like too run.I have a sister who is eleven years old. I’m a twin.

     I have a brother  who is eighteen. I live in Dąbrówka .
    My hobby is sports. I like the biology. I happy glad that it takes of in the project :)


    My name is JakubImaginary frog species:

    Species name :PL=Bagienny bazyliszek, Łac: caverna reguli qui palus.

    My name is Magda. I am 10 years old and I go to class 5. My favorite subject in school is polish, sport and nature. I like dogs and at home I have one, Bugs Boni. I also have a sister, is called Zuzia and goes to class 6. My best friend has the name Dominika, she comes with me to class. I am very glad to be involved in the project and I want to get to know you better.


    My name is Dominica. I'm 11 and I'm going to 5th grade. I have a four-year-old brother and a half-year-old sister. I love horses and horseback riding, so far I only participated in two competitions. My favorite horses are Borys, Freja and Pozor. My best friend is Magda, she's 10 and she's with me. I take part in our project and I am glad that we will get to know each other better.


    I'm Lidia. I like cats and

    even have one breed MAINE COON. 

    I'm glad that you are participating in this project.


    My name is Stanley (Stanisław). I’m twelve years old. I live in Dąbrówka.

    I like biology and doing sports for example parkour.

    I have got a one brother his name is Jon and I have a one dog it’s name is Ezri.  

    My dad is a lawyer.

    My mum is a physiotherapist.


    My name’s Jan (John). I’m eleven years old. I live in a DOPIEWO. 

    I have a dog named BAZYL. My hobby is playing football with my friends. 

    My favorite subjects in school are: NATURE, PE, and MATHEMATICS. My best friend is ELIASZ. 

    I'm glad I can participate in this project.


    My name is Bartek. I am 10 years old. I like swimming and playing football.

    I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I have fish and cat. I live in Dąbrówka. 


    My name is Staś. I live in Palędzie.

    I am 11 years old and  younger brother.

    My favorite school subject is nature.My favorite activity is having fun and swimming.


    My name is Kacper I’m  ten years  old. I have got a lizard. Her name is Helena.I have go to school in Dąbrówka but I live in Dąbrowa.

    I'm glad I can participate in this project.


    My name is Szymon.

    I’m ten. I live in small village near  Poznań. I have two sisters Maja and Lena My hooby  is acrobatic

    and I love play basketball with friends. I have cool friends  Jasiu and Eliasz. We usually play in Dąbrówka.

    I like  my projects teacher - Mr. Tomasz Ordza.

    My name is Natalia and I go to fourth grade. I like to play with my friends in volleyball.

    I like to play on the computer. I have a friend Ola whom I often talk to.

    I have another friend Martyna with whom I really like to meet on weekends.


    My name is Igor. I come from Poland. I was born to on September 15th in Poznań,

    but I live with my parents and younger brother  in Palędzie now. I`m 11 years old.

    I go to school im Kazimierza  Nowaka in Dąbrówka.

    I`m short, but well-built. I have short, dark hair, blue eyes.

    I in my free time I play computer games and read books. My passion is wrestling.


    My name is Mateusz ( Mattew ). I'm 10 years old. I have a younger brother Antoni.

    My favourite school subject are polish, music and natue. I'like walking to the rifveer.

    I'm glade , Ican take part in this poject.


    I’m Nikodem. I’m ten years old.

    I like playing with my friends and reading books.

    I interested in computers.

    I am Kornelia. I`m 10.
    I go to fourth class.
    I have two sisters, their name`s Kalina and Konstancja.
    My favourite subject are natural sciences and history!