Rendez-vous with amphibian

The project aims to: examine natural diveristy amphibian neighborhood school and its documentation, issuing leaflets and / or poster / or film dedicated to the amphibians and protect them, and to conduct campaign on amphibians in the local environment. Students will work with information technology and traditional key to species. Students learn not...

Let's get to know each other - Dąbrówka Team

Our teams

Dąbrówka Team and our new, invented species of amphibians.

Briefly about us :)


My name is Antosia. I'm 12 years old. My passion is dance.

My hobby is drawing, reading and biology. I like taking photos of everythink but I don't like take photos of myself.


I'm ELIASZ. I’m 10 years old. I live in Dąbrówka.

 I have a sister and a brother. My brother is 2 years old and my sister

is 8 years old. I have a wonderful family and my favorite pet cat Inka.

My friend is Janek Rogal. I like to do tattoos on my hands the most.

I'm very happy that I take part in the project and I will meet you!

It will certainly be nice to work with you.

See you later.


My name is Oliwier. I’m  eleven years old.        

I like to build with lego. I wish in the future  to be an architect.

I eat healthily,I like too run.I have a sister who is eleven years old. I’m a twin.

 I have a brother  who is eighteen. I live in Dąbrówka .
My hobby is sports. I like the biology. I happy glad that it takes of in the project :)


My name is JakubImaginary frog species:

Species name :PL=Bagienny bazyliszek, Łac: caverna reguli qui palus.

My name is Magda. I am 10 years old and I go to class 5. My favorite subject in school is polish, sport and nature. I like dogs and at home I have one, Bugs Boni. I also have a sister, is called Zuzia and goes to class 6. My best friend has the name Dominika, she comes with me to class. I am very glad to be involved in the project and I want to get to know you better.


My name is Dominica. I'm 11 and I'm going to 5th grade. I have a four-year-old brother and a half-year-old sister. I love horses and horseback riding, so far I only participated in two competitions. My favorite horses are Borys, Freja and Pozor. My best friend is Magda, she's 10 and she's with me. I take part in our project and I am glad that we will get to know each other better.


I'm Lidia. I like cats and

even have one breed MAINE COON. 

I'm glad that you are participating in this project.


My name is Stanley (Stanisław). I’m twelve years old. I live in Dąbrówka.

I like biology and doing sports for example parkour.

I have got a one brother his name is Jon and I have a one dog it’s name is Ezri.  

My dad is a lawyer.

My mum is a physiotherapist.


My name’s Jan (John). I’m eleven years old. I live in a DOPIEWO. 

I have a dog named BAZYL. My hobby is playing football with my friends. 

My favorite subjects in school are: NATURE, PE, and MATHEMATICS. My best friend is ELIASZ. 

I'm glad I can participate in this project.


My name is Bartek. I am 10 years old. I like swimming and playing football.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I have fish and cat. I live in Dąbrówka. 


My name is Staś. I live in Palędzie.

I am 11 years old and  younger brother.

My favorite school subject is nature.My favorite activity is having fun and swimming.


My name is Kacper I’m  ten years  old. I have got a lizard. Her name is Helena.I have go to school in Dąbrówka but I live in Dąbrowa.

I'm glad I can participate in this project.


My name is Szymon.

I’m ten. I live in small village near  Poznań. I have two sisters Maja and Lena My hooby  is acrobatic

and I love play basketball with friends. I have cool friends  Jasiu and Eliasz. We usually play in Dąbrówka.

I like  my projects teacher - Mr. Tomasz Ordza.

My name is Natalia and I go to fourth grade. I like to play with my friends in volleyball.

I like to play on the computer. I have a friend Ola whom I often talk to.

I have another friend Martyna with whom I really like to meet on weekends.


My name is Igor. I come from Poland. I was born to on September 15th in Poznań,

but I live with my parents and younger brother  in Palędzie now. I`m 11 years old.

I go to school im Kazimierza  Nowaka in Dąbrówka.

I`m short, but well-built. I have short, dark hair, blue eyes.

I in my free time I play computer games and read books. My passion is wrestling.


My name is Mateusz ( Mattew ). I'm 10 years old. I have a younger brother Antoni.

My favourite school subject are polish, music and natue. I'like walking to the rifveer.

I'm glade , Ican take part in this poject.


I’m Nikodem. I’m ten years old.

I like playing with my friends and reading books.

I interested in computers.

I am Kornelia. I`m 10.
I go to fourth class.
I have two sisters, their name`s Kalina and Konstancja.
My favourite subject are natural sciences and history!




Author: Tomasz Ordza
Last editor: Mateja Smiljanec