Behaviour on the Internet

  • How should we behave on the Internet? Have we got some rules to respect? Which ones? Please do a search and publish the results here...

    What kind of photos or materials can we publish? Can we publish everything? Can we publish the photos we find on google images for example?

    There's an eTwinning group called Bringing eSafety into eTwinning projects.

    On The web we want published by European Schoolnet, you can find some interesting activities to do with students so that they can learn more about their rights on the net...


    Italian students did a search and these are the results. We are sorry but our work is in Italian language. We don't have time to translate. We'll translate other more important pages...

    How teachers organized the Cooperative Learning Lesson:

    Students creations...

    Rules we have to respect when using eTwinning platform:

    What is copyright? 

    What does copyright mean?

    What are copyrights for softwares?

    What are licences? and free licences?

    How to find images without any copyright on the net?

    How to find images with google advance research

    Some databases without copyright

    What is netiquette?

    Consequences in case of illegal content on the net

    Crimes on the Net