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  • We participate to the FIRST® LEGO® League 2016-2017 Animal AlliesSM.

    Exploring the relationship between people and animals. 

    Local press reports about us. You can read the translation under the article:

    The Sibillini's park depopulation interruption

    A robot to rehab the mountainside

    We have to go back before the earthquake. 

    There was an Albanian guy who speaks English very well who will take part in the international expo. There was just one girl, who gave a female touch. There were also guys from New Guinea, an international section that is trying to improve our future. They attended the first class of IPSIA, led by the teacher Roberto Spaccapaniccia. They constructed a project to show at the first “Lego League”, in Pistoia, at an international award for science and robotics for students who design and build automatic robots and try to apply them to solve real problems such as those connected to ecology as well as social and economic matters.

    The class participated for the third time and the theme of this session was of utmost importance: how scientific research and the robotic world can be in touch with the animal world and how the animal world can stimulate the human kind.

    The teacher explained: “Alas, due to the earthquake, we decided to look into the problems concerning the national park of the Sibillini mountains.” So, in this particular moment, a study was appropriate. Our students interviewed the people living nearby the park but also the earthquake victims who are hosted today near the coast. Then they studied the demographics of the area, coming to the conclusion that the population growth of this specific area has always been negative. For thirty years, in fact, from the park’s institution, the negative trends continued. This means that the maintenance of the park , the animal protection and the economic circuit favored the growth of population in this forgotten area. So, to start again from the very beginning and give new life to this "new world" after the frightful earthquake, we can strenghten those inner resources. Starting from this, the students built a robot, with Lego, and also a sophisticated electronic device capable of recognizing a colored path and completing the "mission" according to the instructions given by the "human".

    This is what the students will present in Pistoia . The school principal Stefania Scatasta is very satisfied. She said: “we work to open the world of business and occupation, but we also look forward to developing the administration of robotics and creating different partnerships with factory industries. Videx is our sponsor, and it pays our trip to Pistoia. The boys will witness the birth of a brave new world.”


    Here we are while we are constructing our robot:

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