1. Break the ice!

  • 1. Fill in your twinspace profile: choose a photo or create an avatar, and tell your partners who you are - you can write 100 words only, make the most of it! :-)

    Tools to create avatars: http://doppelme.com/ (save the final image as gif), http://www.buildyourwildself.com/

    2. Use forum #1a to start getting to know your partners better. Tell them about your school, where you live, what is important in your life, etc. Ask them the questions you have in mind too. Why not add a link to a map, or the school website, or a photo of a place where you often hang around with your friends?

    To add a photo: make sure it's free to use (no copyright), and upload it into the "materials" section (in folder 1) first. Then you can add it into your forum post.

    3. Who I am in a few images: create a collage with a few images that symbolically represent who you are, what you believe in, your personality, ideals and talents. Upload it onto the padlet below. Then go to forum #1b and write everything you can guess from your partners using their collage. You can find some inspiration (adjectives to describe personaity) in the toolbox. Good luck! :-)

    Tools for collage:

    http://www.pizap.com/photo-collage-templates.php /

    http://www.kizoa.com/Animated-Collages (you will have to create an account for this one).