Mirror, mirror...

During this project students will collaborate with their peers to question the place and importance given to body image nowadays, to look behind the mirror at the ways in which self-perception is often dictated by society, to critically analyse the media messages that surround them. They will be encouraged to ask questions about what they watch, he...

Project Journal

  • The teachers receiving the prize at the eTwinning conference in Athens - such an honor!


    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 01.11.2016

  • A few pics of June 1st prize ceremony at Michelet high school, in videoconference with our partners in Italy and Poland! With Anne Gilleran (CSS), Marie-Christine Clément-Bonhomme (NSS), Bernard Gary (school principal).

    June 1st FR

    June 1st FR

    June 1st FR

    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 04.06.2016

  • - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 01.06.2016

  • During the videoconference...


    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 18.03.2016

  • Congratulations to all students, you should be proud! ;-)



    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 20.02.2016