Christmas Connections 2016

We will include schools from a number of countries around Europe. The project will focus on communication. Our pupils will exchange cards and messages. Some schools may produce ecards, for example using Scratch. The children will learn from each other about Christmas around Europe, including traditions, carols and food. We plan to use a number...

Project e-safety

Our pupils' safety online is really important.  Here are some tips to make sure our project is safe.

Photos and videos
Please make sure that you have parental permission before uploading these in the Twinspace.  This is essential if you put these on a public page.
Pupils names
If you are referring to pupils on the Twinspace, please don't use their full names.  Use instead their initials or first name only.
Don't use pupils' real names for their login - you could instead replace with numbers and the first few letters of your country.

please discuss online etiquette 'netiquette' with your pupils.  It's a good idea to discuss behaviour in online collaboration, for example in the forums, chat sessions and in the video conferences.

EU esafety label

You can register your school with and follow the instructions to get an Action Plan - which you can link with this project or any future eTwinning project.  Completion of the Action Plan leads to accreditation at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, which is valid for 18 months (though advisable to renew annually).

Parents permission

At Polish school teachers have their students' parents' permission to use students' names and photos on school website and any other blogs and pages connected with projects the students are working on. .

Author: Diana Linford
Last editor: Anna Szczepaniak