Video call Monday 5 December: running order

  • eTwinning project: Christmas Connections 2016

    Conference video call: Monday 5 December


    (Timings are just a suggestion - and are given in UK time)

    9.30 UK - 10.30 Poland+Germany+Spain11.30 Ukraine - 13.30 Georgia call starts – welcome (Diana)

    9.35 Poland – children talk about the project (what they liked, learned, show some work, etc- each teacher to decide and prepare the children in advance)

    Germany – Sally Ost, teacher, will show some of the work

    Ukraine – pupils talk about the project

    Georgia – the same

    Spain – Mela Rodriguez, teacher, will show some of the work

    UK – pupils


    Then we can have some music, if you have anything you would like to share (for example a traditional Christmas song)

    9.55 Poland…. Ukraine….. Georgia….  UK


    10.15 Go around the schools in turn to say Happy Christmas: Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Spain, UK


    10.20 thanks and goodbye – around the schools in turn - Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Germany, UK


    10.30 end of call