Christmas Connections 2016

We will include schools from a number of countries around Europe. The project will focus on communication. Our pupils will exchange cards and messages. Some schools may produce ecards, for example using Scratch. The children will learn from each other about Christmas around Europe, including traditions, carols and food. We plan to use a number...

Top tips for video calls


Top tips for video calls!

  • Give the time of the call in all time zones
  • Hold a practice call with the teachers to sort out technical problems
  • Don’t use wireless (if possible)
  • Have a clear plan for the call (but you can still be flexible!)
  • Prepare your pupils in advance, eg how to behave and speak to the webcam + what call is about
  • Exchange vocabulary in advance
  • Give the pupils something to do for if the call drops
  • After the call, ask the pupils to reflect on their learning


Using the 'Live' feature in eTwinning:

Using Chrome doesn't seem to work properly - use Firefox or Explorer.

If it isn't working, please check the following:

the microphone and webcam buttons at the top of your screen need to be green

you might need to run the Audio set up wizard as follows:

Meeting - audio set-up wizard - run through the instructions

the host may have to enable your microphone and webcam.


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