Quizzes and games

  • Do you remember how to write Merry Christmas in all our languages? You can check yourself in the quiz below:

    Merry Christmas in different languages on PhotoPeach

    Silent night on PhotoPeach

    There are 10 European countries in our project. Do you know all of them? Do you know where they are situated? Do you know the flags of our countries? Do you know the capital cities? If you are not sure check your knowledge in another quiz.

    Do you know the flags of our countries? on PhotoPeach

    In the Page: Our project in StepMap there is a presentation showing all our countries situation on a map. Below you can check how well you know the political map of Europe. All the maps are made on StepMap.

    Quess where our countries are situated on PhotoPeach

    The last Geography quiz - the capital cities of our countries. Do you know them all? Check if you are right. All photos are taken from www.wikimedia.org

    What is the capital city of...? on PhotoPeach

    The last quiz is about World War One. How much do you remember about history of WW1?


    World War One on PhotoPeach