• Our project is being disseminated in several ways.

    In Greece, an article with the title "eMotion in the Mediterranean: Μεσογειακές περιπέτειες συναισθημάτων μιας ευρωπαϊκής συνεργασίας" (eMotion in the Mediterranean: mediterranean emotional adventures of a European Collaboration) was  presented as an Oral Announcement during the 4th Annual eTwinning Conference (24-26 November 2017).

    You can read below the article (though it's in Greek)


    ...an you can see the conference presentation as well.



    The article is now at the Conference Programm (click on the image), but soon will be published in the Conference Proceedings.


    In Catalonia, the project has been presented by the coordinator Fina Vendrell, in several teacher training sessions as a model of a good eTwinning project. 

    "eTwinning, an open door to Europe": 17th October 2017, Serveis Territorials de la Catalunya Central. "English language assessment in adult education" :


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    "eTwinning, an open door to Europe": 22nd ocotber 2017. University of VIC , UVIC. Teacher training session to future primary teachers:

    A very interesting event today in Escola Estonnac de Barcelona, where we got the award for the eTwinning project " eMotion in the Mediterranean" which was developed with the students of grade 5 during the school year 2016-17 with the cooperation of First Experimental Primary school from Alexandroupoli, Greece.


    The jure considered the project as a good example of cooperation, reinforcement of values and acquisition of ICT competences meanwhile students communicated in English.
     The prize constists on a Software licence MOZABOOK for a year, given by Atlantic Devices.