• Our adventures in the Mediterranean don't stop with the premiere of the Film.

    In fact our journey just started!!!

    But, it's time to close the eyes and try to remember all the good and bad memories we had during this school year while exploring the Mediterranean Sea with its strengths and weaknesses!!

    Dear pupils, you know we appreciate your opinion a lot in order to improve our future eTwinning projects. So, it would be very kind of you if you give your own opinions concerning to the project, the activities, the experience.

    Here is the first task for you: Use the web 2.0 tools: Wordle or tagul and try to make word clouds thinking of words that best describe your eMotions about the project. Once you create them, put them into the padlet below.




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    ...and now here comes the second task, a google form questionnaire. Try to answer what do you believe about the project? Which was the most favourite activity? Do you improve some skills and which of them? Do you have good memories?... Your answers will be vauable for us!!!!


    Thank you very much, dear pupils!!!

    Your opinion matters a lot for us!!

    Do you want to know the results of the questionnaire you answered? Take a look at the following infographic