• Inside the plot of our story, a little mermaid wants to help our portagonists and she starts singing a song in order to call the attention of all the sea creatures.

    We choose the original lyrics of a very popular song about the sea called " My Bonnie is over the ocean"


    Using the 2.0 webtool called " Meetingwords" we worked together to write a new versions of the song.

    Do you want to read our collaborative work? Just click on the photo:


    And here are the lyrics

    My friends all around the countries

    My friends all around the sea.

    there are papers, plastics and bottles

    the water is dark and green

    Tina, Willy

    please, why don't we clean our sea?

    Willy, Tina

    why don't we save our sea?


    The animals and plants are dying

    pollution is destroying the sea,

    let's join our powerful feelings

    to save our beautiful sea!

    Willy, Tina

    please, let's change the world, the world

    Willy, Tina

    why don't we change the world?