Our adventures in the Mediterranean have already started, but we need an identity. That is why we need a logo to identify us every time we visit a country or we create something new all along the project.

    After learning the most important clues of how to design a logo, here we have the results.

    Most of the participants created a design which includes several messages inside: participant countries, topic of the project, colours of the Mediterranean, etc...

    Here are the logos from each of the countries. After a week to be analysed they will vote thier partners logos.

    The 3 finalists of each of the country will be voted by 3 adults from each school: the headteacher, the parents' president and the art teacher. They will not know whose are the logos neither where they come from.


    Made with Padlet

    Made with Padlet


    And now, dear pupils, it's time to vote!!!!

    You are kindly invited to look carefully in the above padlets and think which of the logos coming from the participant country is very well designed and deserves to represent us.

    Please, discuss with your partner in the group you belong, (2 pupils for the groups from Greece) or (3 pupils for the groups from Catalonia) and vote the most representative logo.

    Keep in mind that pupils from Greece should only vote the logos coming from Catalonia and pupils from Catalonia should only vote the ones coming from Greece.

    Deadline for voting is on Monday 5th December.

    Good luck to all of you!!!!

    Dear parents, head teachers and teachers of art, we voted for the best logo and here are the 6 finalists (3 from each country). You are kindly invited now to vote for the best. We would like to ask you to think carefully and give your to the one which sends, in your opinion, the message we want to share about our sea, the Mediterranean! 


    Parents, headteachers and the teachers of art are amazed of what pupils from Catalonia and Creece created!!

    They thought a lot and....finally they voted!!

    But....they selected also 2 logos as finalist.

    So, dear pupils, help us again by voting which is the best!!!

    In fact, the specialists are you and only you!!

    You are kindly invited to vote one more time chosing only one logo and giving it the high mark.



    Dear pupils,

    thank you very much for participating in this logo competition!!!

    Both of these 2 final Logos are very good!!! You are great designers!!

    But as you know only one of them should represent us and our project.

    And I have to give you the results....

    According to your voting, the winner is...LOGO 2



    Logo 1:  Adrià Boixadera

    Logo 2: Joan Guillen, THE WINNER










    Both of them feel happy after being rewarded with a small gift !