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  • Cuneo, Italy
    I.I.S. Grandis

    presentation about I.I.S. Grandis

    The High School Grandis includes a Technical School for Tourism and two state vocational schools: the Vocational Institute for Social and Sanitary Services (courses: commercial, social-sanitary and opticians) and the Vocational Institute for Industry and Craftmanship (courses: electronics, mechanics and electrics). Pupils are aged 14-18 and they come from Cuneo (56.000 inhabitants) and the surrounding area; many of them belong to families disadvantaged from a social-economic and cultural point of view. Training courses of Grandis focus on developing in students an active awareness of citizenship, within a European vision of competences and responsibilities. Experimenting projects in a European and International context, based on “learning by doing “ and “real world tasks” methodology, as well as resilience development, is a fundamental part of this process. The total number of staff is 210 (teachers, attendances and secretaries) and the total number of learners is 1160. About 20% of the students follow a personalised learning project as they are considered pupils with special needs (physically and mentally disabled, dislexics and/or with behavioral problems); actually we have 81 disable students. All those students are integrated in every kind of activity: either didactical or outside school. Grandis School has the goal of offering an integrated education able to enhance and develop every kind of skill (both theoretical and practical). Grandis School is constantly interested in experimenting pedagogical approaches able to stimulate and improve teachers teaching and students learning; consequently to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and new teaching and learning necessities, actually Grandis School strongly needs to promote the digital pedagogical readiness in school education in a systematic way (always aiming to set an inclusive learning environment).