German partner

  • Berlin, Germany
    EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro

    EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH (EBB) is a cultural and educational organization based in Berlin active in the field of mobility programmes at local, regional, national, European and international level. Europass Berlin GmbH is responsible for vocational education and training for learners, school staff and apprentices and promotes their professional, cultural and personal knowledge. Europass Berlin GmbH offers professional training courses for teachers and school staff on different topics in the fields arts and wellbeing, creativity and soft skills, emotional intelligence, school innovation, ICT, classroom management. One of the most demanded on-site and online courses is the one about the Flipped Classroom. Europass Berlin GmbH is applicant of and partner for mobility projects in cooperation with several German, European and international educational institutions and companies with the aim to support vocational education through internships and trainings for students, trainees, teachers and professionals locally and abroad. The organization’s work is supported by EU funding programmes, mainly the Erasmus+. Europass Berlin GmbH is concerned with all aspects of mobility, functioning both as project applicant and partner for EU-funded projects; in detail our work consists of the following activities: As applicant, we deal with every aspect of EU projects applications. The projects we apply for include exchange and mobility projects for young people, learners, apprentices, job seekers and teachers (KA1), Strategic Partnerships (KA2) and Support for Policy Reform (KA3). As project partner, we function both as intermediary for international sending institutions who seek to provide their project participants the opportunity to gain work-experience abroad (KA1 and PON), as well as participating organization in Strategic Partnerships (KA2) and Support for Policy Reform (KA3). Moreover, we function in this capacity as a contact and consulting organization for schools as well as other educational institutions who seek to provide their students and/or employees the opportunity to gain work-experience abroad. Partnered EU-Support Programs of ours include Erasmus+, PON and Horizon2020.