LTTA2 - Reykjavík

  • The purpose of the LTT2 in Reykjavik was to learn and practice using apps for online teaching. We had introductions and training on using Edmodo, Sutori, Mentimeter, Basecamp, Padlet, Trello, Meeting Words and Class Dojo.The introductions were conduceted by the teams from Iceland, Germany and Greece.

    Apart from that we got an introduction on App security and personal privacy of students from Reykjavik city‘s foremost experts.

    Our colleagues from Turkey introduced a guide for a lesson plan that teachers can use in e-flip teaching.

    We went on a study visit to Keilir wich is an educational center founded in 2007. It is located in Reykjanesbær on the Southern Peninsula of Iceland, about 45-minutes from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. The center runs four schools: The University Center, Iceland Aviation Academy, the Health Academy, and the Secondary School. It also houses a variety of development centers: Eldey - entrepreneurial center, the Innovation Academy of Tourism, the Icelandic Aviation Cluster, the Flipped Learning Center, and the podcast network Hlaðborð.The purpose of Keilir is to create and disseminate knowledge in an active partnership with domestic and international schools, companies, and other economic partners. The school has become a frontrunner in reinventing educational practices and possibilities within the Icelandic educational system through innovative educational approaches and bringing together business, industry, academia, and entrepreneurs.

    After visiting Keilir we walked up to the new lava in Geldingadalir.

    We also visited an new elementary school in Reykjavik, Dalsskóli. There we held a meeting and got an introduction about the school and its goals in teaching. The school cultivates independent work methods, initiative and creative work. Dalskóli is inclusive and all children are welcome, regardless of mental and physical achievement, culture and religion. Emphasis is placed on flexible teaching and working methods and student collaboration. Emphasis is also placed on the integration of subjects and thematic studies and work within year groups and between year groups.

    At school, there is an attitude of respect for the individual and his or her characteristics.

    All teachers at the school work together in teams to prepare for learning and teaching. Emphasis is placed on collaboration between teachers and teamwork so that teachers have joint responsibility for teaching groups and cohorts from the age of two. Music studies and leisure activities are integrated into the work of children of all ages. Through collaboration, teachers are given the opportunity to enjoy themselves better at work. They can share different skills and knowledge. In this way, teachers are given the opportunity to solve the various issues that arise jointly and thereby see more solutions. They are also given the opportunity to work together systematically on school development.

    For purpoeses of team building within our group we went on a daytrip called the Golden Circle. We visited Thingvellir which is the place where the oldest parliment was established. We also saw Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir area.