• Different steps are to be taken:

      1. We will evaluate our data on early school leaving, attendance and curriculum attainment levels and again at the end. We will pay a special attention to the levels of the underpriviledged and demotivated students.

      2.Before and after the completion of our activities, varied evaluation and assessment tools will be implemented like tests, product or project assessments, performance assessments

      3. The results will be collected and registered in order to elaborate our statistics and graphs at the end of year 1 for mid reports and at the end of the project.

      4. Students and teachers will have the possibility to communicate, share ideas and evaluate the project work using the forum of the website. We will also evaluate the expectations of the participants in the different activities before their completion and after the activities in order to see how well the activities met their expectations .

      5. For external evaluation and feedback, all the websites, blogs, Facebook pages, we will use will have a counter of the number of visits to see how known and advertised the project is by . Moreover, visitors will be able to leave comments and suggestions for each activity on those same sites. about both the site and development and progress of our project.

      6.  We will ask parents to fill in questionnaires about the project work in order to see if they want to get involved in the activities. The attendance of parents will also be a good sign of the impact of the project.

      It is possible each school will also measure the impact in some varying ways that are more specific to their pupils and education system (national exams, voting for the best activities...)