Literally EUnited 2022/2023

This erasmus based project aims at helping schools afford implemeting new activities, the different subjects and skills taught at school, and explore new types of activities and projects. go beyond regular school curriculums and help students develop further their literacy skills, in various subjects: arts, ICT, mathematics , in order to help reduce this figure of 15/20 % of students having literacy issues, and belong to the 56% of people who master the basic digital skills. Thanks to the use of innovative ICT tools, peer work and cross disciplinary activities we hope to include and encourage all our students to try new activities, without fear of failure. They will become more self-confident about their own skills, and more comfortable with the time spent at school. Our schools will suffer less from early school leaving, school demotivation but also allow allour students to consider long term schooling, and the importance to carry on their studies.

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