• Our beginnings together


    A message was left by France on the etwinning platform to find partners interested in working together on the project, one year before the application. Then , the schools met on the Etwinning platform. France, Turkey and Italy had already collaborated on various rewarded Etwinning projects. We all gathered around an etwinning project called Let’s Meet Aliens , where we cooperated together . All the partners have already worked on a European project but Greece has never joined a school exchange partnership and is eager to take further what they have learned during the etwinning projects they led in their schools. Turkey and Italy are experiencing with this application their second KA229. So more experienced partners such as Poland, Hungary and France will help them strengthen their experience. Each school has their own assets to bring into the game to make this project work . The most experienced partners will help through the administrative of the project. During the first teachers' meeting, a workshop will answer any question regarding the expectations related to a strategic partnership: financial rules, how to manage the budget properly, how to fill in the reports, how to plan and organize mobilities. The schools have joined to several awarded Etwinning Projects and can share their experience to make our collaborative tasks more challenging. Yet some schools are quite at a primary level concerning eTwinning development into Etwinning Schools (Greece, Poland) so the other partners will help them improve their etwinning practises. In the French and Italian schools there are computer labs, one Art room, one Music room and a Science lab. These schools have got also a movie equipment (a movie camera, a camera and so on) which the Digital Experts (Turkey) can use very well and teach to the other teachers. Moreover, Twenty Italian teachers within the “Erasmus+ ka1” attended a course on Creativity (“Creativity in teaching and learning“) abroad,so that they can learn, improve, exchange experiences in cooperative and collaborative learning process as long as in creativity and innovation and share best practice in teaching and learning, using ICT. France 's coordinator is a European Relationship coordinator and trainer, has just finished an Erasmus project and gained from this experience and will be able to help the newcomers. The French coordinator is also an etwinning ambassadress and is to train their colleagues to improve their experience on Etwinning.