Maths is fun

  • Mathematics challenges and games will be created by students on twinspace to play together in a collaborative way.

    Schools will attend or organize contests and share results on this page.



  • Our games to play

    Kahoot Games

    Here are a collection of a couple of chosen games you can try with your students and that can be used as evaluation

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Definitions of Algebra: let's play wordwall! We'll give you solutions later!! We challenge you, too! :-))

    Scratch game

    by Raphael, collège Elsa Triolet France

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Exponentiation: Let's play wordwall!
    We'll give you solution later!

    Scratch online

    Do you know Scratch ? It is a really fun tool to learn programing and coding!


    As a fun way of Maths, ASudoku tournament
    As part of the Erasmus literaly eunited project, we held an 8th grade sudoku competition.In the tournament in which 30 students participated, 12 of our students made it to the finals in the pre-selection held on 15 December. In the final competition held on December 22, Begüm won the first place, Ömer Safa was the second, and Bartu and Attila İlhan Kaynar shared the third place.Prizes were presented to the winners at a ceremony.With the Sudoku tournament, we both competed and discovered the fun side of mathematics


    The French challenge you! Our math teachers have created games to play in our school and translated into english by students. Find the answers to these maths riddles and answer in the forum. We will give you the answer later!

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Geometric shapes: let's play wordwall!! We'll give you solutions later! We challenge you, too!! :-))