• Here are some instructions to publish your article.

    When your article is ready to be published, log in HERE

    This is the collaboration page of our magazine.

    In the box, write the name of your team following this model: team1, team2, team3, ... No space, no capital letters. EXACTLY like this!!!

    ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST USE EXACTLY THE SAME NAME: THIS IS TEAMWORK! If you use a different name, you will not have access to your team-mates' contributions and will not see the whole article! Do NOT use your own personal name. Do NOT use your national group's name.

    Before you publish, REMEMBER: agree with your team-mates first: ALL the article should be ready on your team's google doc first, and all the illustrations you are planning to use should be uploaded into your team's image folder in "materials".

    Make sure the WHOLE TEAM'S ARTICLE is ready, not just your national group's part! You should have a global plan to join all the parts and make it coherent. Then you'll just need to copy-paste.

    To make your team's article logical and coherent, decide together on ONE colour for the pages, ONE type of font, ONE size of font (12 for example).

    Also: check that the illustrations you are planning to use are all copyright-free (creative commons - see TOOLBOX 3) and that you have written down the source (you'll need to quote the source in the magazine).

    It's all about teamwork, remember! Keep your team-mates up to date!

    DON'T CLICK ON "SEND" until the article is completely finished (titles, subtitles, illustrations, etc), that the team has proof-read it and corrected the mistakes, and that all the members of the team agree to send the article to the teachers, ready to be published. Just SIGN OUT if you plan to edit again later.