• Help your European partners imagine your daily life: take them for a little guided tour of your school and area! What would you like to show them?


    1. Post some pictures and brief descriptions of your school and the area where you live. It must be about YOUR daily life, not about your country or town in general - it is not a tourist guide, but a way to help your partners picture your life better!

    2. Prepare a little quiz for your partners (all answers must be found on your padlet).

    3. Take your partners' quizzes, and share your scores and reactions on forum #1. You can also ask questions to know more about your partners, or comment on their guided tour.

    Guided tour of Michelet high school in France

    French students: to create your common quiz: go to learningapps.org, Use the login and password your teacher will give you. Don't forget to "save the app"!


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    Follow the Spanish students here:

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     Guided Tour of The Pepe Ruiz Vela High School

    Here is the Guided Tour  made by our students in Villaverde


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