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RadioActive T.E.A.M. - The European Audio Magazine. Student-journalists from various European countries share their perceptions of international news, interact and collaborate in international teams for a school-year. They express themselves through a variety of media: they participate in a school web-radio channel including a selection of programm...


    Project Journal

    • The French students will be on holidays from April 1st to April 18th. see you then! :-)

      - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 31.03.2017

    • Let's create an original and catchy introduction and closing for our radio programme!!! Use a free copyright jingle or create your own (check the Toolbox 3 section) and include a short description of our project. We will use this audio to begin and close the programmes created by all the teams.

      Made with Padlet

      - Posted by Carmen Mellado Alvarez, 28.03.2017

    • It's time to think about the image for the cover of our magazine this year!!! Here is the Tricider to upload your suggestions. Try to be orginal and include an image that identifies our project.

      - Posted by Carmen Mellado Alvarez, 14.03.2017

    • Last Friday 24th February we were very lucky to meet our Italian partners Liliana, Sara, Dyana, Rebecca, Chiara and Martina in Seville!!! What a wonderful experience!!!

      Trip to Seville

      - Posted by Carmen Mellado Alvarez, 06.03.2017

    • We are in March already, Spring is coming! :-)

      - Time to wrap up the magazine articles - check the comments left by teachers in the table on page 4 and work on the last improvements to make your magazine look professional!

      - Time to start working on your radio programmes! Write down the ANGLE you choose into your team's index table, then write your script on the collaborative document. Need some help? Check out this excellent website:

      Remember to check your team's FORUM too and keep your team-mates updated there!

      Good luck, and have fun! :-)

      photo by Alan Levine via Flickr

      - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 05.03.2017