• Project trailer


    OCTOBER: first steps of the project:

    - teachers present the project to their students

    - students in the 5 countries complete the activities on PAGES 1, 2, 3

    Deadline: October 31st. Good luck to all!


    NOVEMBER: team up and start your research!

    - students have a look at pages 1, 2, 3, take the quizzes, and comment / react in forum #1; they also vote for the project logo (giving their argument first).

    - students (in national groups) choose a topic and find some European partner-groups to team up with --> PARTNER-FINDING FORUM

    - teachers register the international teams into the table PAGE 4 and teach about information research, article formats, the press, etc. (input)

    -  each team gets assigned a collaborative Twinspace page (PAGE 5) to brainstorm and write the results of their research AND a forum thread to discuss the process.

    - teams start their research on their topics to be able to :

    1. write a short collaborative news article 

    2. write a script for a collaborative radio programme.


    DECEMBER: research time!

    - international teams communicate via their thread in the forum to agree on the work process and start write some content on their topic on their team page. (PAGE 5)

    - last days to vote for the project logo! (PAGE 3)

    - December is also a time for celebrations! Students write a collaborative Christmas story together. (PAGE 6)


    JANUARY: work on the magazine articles.


    - finish their research.

    - organise their ideas.

    - decide which part they will write in the article and which part they wish to keep for the radio programme (one specific aspect / angle),

    - start writing the article.

    - start copying their article into the magazine( Madmagz) and illustrate it.


    FEBRUARY: publish.

    Students: finish copying their articles into the magazine (Madmagz), illustrate them, proof-read and correct them, improve them (PAGE 7)


    MARCH: work on the radio programmes.


    - learn about the radio and what is specific about this media, what are the rules to follow.

    - work on their radio scripts.

    - practise / voice their scripts, and start recording the programmes


    APRIL / MAY : finishing touches and evaluation

    - students finish recording the radio programmes and upload them on their teams' padlets on their teams' page (SUB-PAGES 5)

    - students create, record, and vote for the intro and closing of the RadioActive shows; they also choose some CC jingles - PAGE 9

    - audio editing (students join the parts to create the collaborative programmes): the results published PAGE 10

    - students design magazine covers and vote for the best one (PAGE 8); the magazine is published: PAGE 10

    - self and peer evaluation (students listen to the radio programmes / read the magazine, and they comment + vote) - PAGE 11

    - project evaluation (assessing one's own team's work and participation in the project): PAGE 12



    Time to say good-bye! PAGE 13

    Teacher project evaluation PAGE 14