• Now you have found some team-mates, it's time to work on your topic!


    1. write a short collaborative news article 

    2. write a script for a collaborative radio programme.


    Go to your team's page to brainstorm and write your magazine article and podcast script. Each group should choose a different colour to write.

    Use also your team's thread in forum #2 to discuss about the writing process with your team-mates. Check it regularly, keep your team-mates updated (what did you do today? what are your plans for next week?) to make sure you are all on the same wavelength and answer your team-mates' posts. Remember: communication is the key to success! :-)

    Also, you will have a team folder in MATERIALS where you can upload the illustrations you'd like to use in your article (personal photos / drawings / videos or creative commons only - check out TOOLBOX 2!); don't forget to mention the credits and source in the image description when you upload it!


    STEP 1

    1. Brainstorm ideas, define better the subject. Which question will you answer in your article? Which angles will you choose for the radio programme?
    2. Share the work within the team - remember your final goal: ONE short article and ONE radio programme per team!
    3. Collect resources / information (always mention the sources!)
    4. Put all your ideas onto your team's page
    5. Organize your ideas - remember your final goal: ONE short article and ONE radio programme per team!