• Dear participants,

    Welcome to the TMTG Using MI eTwinning Project Page.:)



    1. If you are part of our Erasmus+ project, please be sure you are fully aware of all the activities and reports you are asked to prepare. If you are in doubt, you can alway message/email/skype me.

    2. This group is open for all teachers who want to extend their knowledge on Multiple Intelligences in the education process.

    3. Any special skills are not required to participate in this eTwinning project. If you are interested in using MI methods, you are very welcome to join.

    4. Although this eTwinning project is open for all teachers and no special skills needed to join/participate, I need you to agree with and commit yourself to the following:

       a. familiarise yourself with our activity programme schedule

       b. always deliver each task on a timely manner

       c. show us your commitment by visiting this eTwinning project at least weekly

       d. your comments and expertise are needed and much appreciated, so please play an active role while you are part of this project

    5. Use our FORUM regularly, where most of the actions do take place

    6. Please use our MATERIAL section as well as by uploading your FILES, VIDEOS and PICTURES related to the project makes it better from the rest!

    7. Finally I strongly ask everyone NOT to SPAM the Group Journal, also NOT to use this eTwinning Project to look for E+ partners only and about all to respect each member by NOT leaving silly comments at all.