eTwinning Day 2022

  • Until 9 May, we can take part in this activity and share on Twitter and Facebook the pictures of the dream schools designed by our students using the hashtags #eTwinningDay and #eTw4Future

    Let's celebrate eTwinning Day on social media!


    Fatma Sağlam-Eğe Sanayi Primary School-İstanbul-TURKEY

    We celebrated the e twinning day. My students used natural materials. They did coding work.

    Aysun YAZICIOĞLU Eğe Sanayi Primary School İstanbul Turkey
    Elena-Alexandra Gorovei - Scoala Gimnaziala "I.L.Caragiale", Medgidia-Romania

    In celebration of eTwinning Day 2022, we diseminated our project today on our School Facebook page.

    Gabriela Raluca Marcov - Școala Gimnazială „Lucian Grigorescu” - Medgidia - România

    eTwinning Day 2022 - The green school is the school of the future!

    Mihaela Deli-Iorga - Școala Gimnazială Lucian Grigorescu, Medgidia, România

    Drawing! - dream school

    Emilia Ciocan - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia-Romania

    Students described in a few words what they would like their school to look like in the future.

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    These are our dream schools: green schools

    Kardelen Ortaokulu- Sibel ALTINÖZ

    our students made handcrafts with waste material and celebrated e -twinning day

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    Our Green School was disseminated on the school's blog!

    Laura-Viorela Munteanu - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia-Romania

    Our school in the future... as Daria Dumitrascu imagines, a student in 6th grade

    Legian Nicoleta - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu", Medgidia

    Our dream school