Let's get to know each other!


    The participants in the project (students and teachers) will present themselves in a unique way, offering some information about family, friends, free time activities, hobbies, etc. The presentation forms are free to choose from!
    We offer some suggestions: short compositions, digital photo albums, drawings, video ... or the use of digital applications such as ChatterPix Kids.





    Emilia Ciocan - Scoala Gimnaziala ”Lucian Grigorescu”- Medgidia - Romania

    "ECO AMBASSADORS" introduce themselves...

    Anna Durante - I.C Francesco Riso- Isola delle Femmine Italy

    Let's introduce ourself !

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    Greetings from Greece!

    Laura-Viorela Munteanu - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia-Romania

    Members of the "ECO GENERATION" group introduce themselves ...

    Fatma Sağlam-Eğe Sanayi Primary School-İstanbul-TURKEY

    "ECO AMBASSADORS" introduce themselves...

    Gabriela Raluca Marcov - Școala Gimnazială „Lucian Grigorescu” - Medgidia - România

    Let's introduce ourselves!

    Mihaela Deli-Iorga - Școala Gimnazială Lucian Grigorescu, Medgidia, România

    7th graders introducing themselves!

    Aysun YAZICIOĞLU Eğe Sanayi Primary School Kartal İstanbul

    My students

    Legian Nicoleta - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu", Medgidia

    Let's introduce ourselves!

    Lina Bružienė - Klaipėdos Vitės progimnazija

    Greetings from Lithuania

    Constantinescu Adriana - Școala Gimnazială „Lucian Grigorescu”, Medgidia - România

    Creative Stars Classroom

    Sibel Altinőz - KARDELEN ORTAOKULU - Yalova - Turkey

    Students from KARDELEN ORTAOKULU - YALOVA - TURKEY are presenting themselves!

    Elena-Alexandra Gorovei - Scoala Gimnaziala "I.L.Caragiale", Medgidia-Romania

    Hello from "I.L.Caragiale" School in Romania!
    Let's get to know each other!