What do you mean by sustainable development?

  • Brainstorming session on the significance of sustainability development






    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    Sustainable development

    Emilia Ciocan - Scoala Gimnaziala ”Lucian Grigorescu”- Medgidia - Romania

    Students share their ideas about development sustainable...

    Laura-Viorela Munteanu - Scoala Gimnaziala "Lucian Grigorescu" Medgidia-Romania

    Our ideas about development sustainable...

    Italy : Francesco Riso- Anna

    Green education for a green generation is inserted in the nirmal curricula. interdisciplinary lessons about sustainability. what is sustinailbity , what we need to have a suastainable way of life, what are the dayly action to support a "green way of life "

    Mihaela Deli-Iorga - Școala Gimnazială Lucian Grigorescu, Medgidia, România

    How can we protect the environment? Think and act!

    Școala Gimnazială Lucian Grigorescu, Medgidia, România - Mihaela Deli-Iorga

    Acting and saving the planet!

    Gabriela Raluca Marcov - Școala Gimnazială „Lucian Grigorescu” - Medgidia - România

    Sustainable development

    Elena-Alexandra Gorovei - Scoala Gimnaziala "I.L.Caragiale", Medgidia-Romania

    Brainstorming sustainable development ideas

    Aysun YAZICIOĞLU Eğe Sanayi Primary School İstanbul Turkey
    Kardelen Ortaokulu- Sibel ALTINÖZ

    Sustainable development