eSafety Rules




    1. You mustn’t give anyone your password, name, address, the name of your school or any information about your family.
    2. You mustn’t talk to strangers on the Internet.
    3. You mustn’t agree to meet anyone in person that you’ve met online.
    4. You mustn’t fill in a profile that asks for your name and address.
    5. You mustn’t visit a chat room without an adult’s / parent’s permission.
    6. You mustn’t stay online if you see something you think your parents won’t like.
    7. You mustn’t post pictures of yourself without your parents’ permission.
    8. You mustn’t download or install anything on your computer without your parents’ permission.
    9. You mustn’t buy anything online without talking to your parents first
    10. If you have any questions about something you read, you must ask your parents.
    11. If you are talking to someone online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you don’t have to talk back to them.
    12. You must use strong and unique passwords.
    13. You must be aware that not everything you read online is necessarily true.
    14. You must know how to report abuse or block anyone who bothers you and others on social media.

    You must be nice online and treat people the way you’d want to be treated.