Project Time Line

  • Activities November 2021 

    At this stage, teachers check the PAGES section in TwinSpace closely. They personalize their own TwinSpace accounts and profiles. They wrote something about themselves and also add a photo, avatar, etc. 


    After being invited to TwinSpace, students will introduce themselves. 

    They will  write a short introductory text about themselves in their TwinSpace personal profiles. Students can also make a short video instead of text. 

    The personal profile text or video may include answers to the following questions:

    What nationality are you?

    What is your hometown?

    What are the things you love doing, hobbies and free time activities?

    What is your ambition for the future?

    What do your friends say about you?

    What is your favourite meal, TV series, film or book?

    What are your expectations from the project?


    Students will change their profile pictures and add a photo, emoji or avatar. 

    Students will make digital presentations of their school, town and country. 


    Project Logo  - using digital tools, students will create a project logo, after which, with the help of a survey, the best will be chosen to become the official logo.


    Activities December 2021 

    In December, we will create digital content in which we will explain to the general public the importance and potential of separate waste collection and recycling. We will reach out to our schools and local communities and invite them to consider the importance of the circular economy and recycling. Students will create digital brochure on tips on sorting waste.


    Activities January and February 2022 

    In January and February, we will motivate the students of our schools to start building green infrastructure in their classrooms. We will seek the help of the school administration in this. We will contact the local community and waste agencies to assist us in separate waste collection. We will investigate what happens to the collected waste in our local community.




    Activities March and April  2022

    In March, we will conduct an online survey among school students about their waste collection habits. In April, we will create a final product.