Global Recycling DAY (18th March )

  • We are aware that recycling and waste sorting matters !


    Our recycling and waste sortıng corner are ready in our classroom. WE ARE AWARE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RECYCLING AND WASTE SORTING!!!

    Güler ÇETİN/ Velimeşe Anatolian High School

    Our eTwinners did an awareness raising activity on Global Recycling Day both to meet the requirements of the project and to inform their friends in the school by creating posters and hanging them all around the school. We then shared the activity on Etwinning Turkey Facebook Group to share the good practise of our students to be an motivation for everyone

    Croatian Team ,IIS Cassata Gattapone separate waste collection bins

    We do have bins for separate waste collection, but... they might be much better organised! Anyway, we have become more aware of the importance of waste segregation!